"The whole course was wonderful, it opened the doors for me to a universe of content that I didn't even know existed. Meeting incredible women and different areas of science brought me a new vision of the world. The classes are rich in content and experiments, all explained in a simple way that awakens our curiosity and even interest in following a scientific career, nowadays I even consider following in some area of science because of Menina Ciência - Science Girl." - 2019's Participant

"The Menina Ciência was the best experience of my LIFE it was the opportunity to be in a group with amazing, super determined and intelligent girls, being able to talk to scientists, ask questions, which inspired me a lot to follow the path of science, being myself and being a woman, and this experience no one will take away from me, I entered the Menina Ciência with many doubts but I left with certainty that I want to be a scientist in the area of astronomy and occupy the place of women in these spaces, thank you!" - 2020's Participant

"I loved this experience, in the beginning I didn't want to go, because I was afraid and ashamed, but I don't regret having gone, because if I hadn't gone the 5 Saturdays, I wouldn't have met the best people, I have made friends that are with me until today, I wouldn't have met Sarah, the tutor of my team, and I thank everyone involved who made this possible, you played a very important role in my life and I believe that in other girls' too, the word that defines it is GRATITUDE. Menina Ciência opened horizons!!!! Miss you ❤❤" - Participant 2019

"It was amazing! I learned a lot about amazing scientific areas that we don't hear much about, besides it opened my eyes to a world where being a woman scientist is possible and there are several ways of reaching this dream!" - Participant 2019

"The course helped me in several ways I got to know many areas of science that I didn't know, like paleontology, which I fell in love with right away. The course made me think about other two possible choices for my future, as a biologist, or paleontologist. Also all the lectures we had there were amazing, and I met amazing people there, I miss them 💕" - 2020 's participant