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Science Girl Girl Science

It's an event  free aimed at girls in school. The Course consists of lectures and practical activities in the laboratory and is carried out by the Federal University of ABC (UFABC).

The main goal of this proposal is to show the role of women scientists in different areas of knowledge, expanding the horizons of girls attending middle school and humanizing the figure of a scientist.

Se encaminhando atualmente para sua quarta edição, o evento já atendeu, em suas três edições anteriores, cerca de 350 meninas entre o 6º e 9º ano do Ensino Fundamental, tanto de escolas públicas como de escolas privadas. E nas próximas edições com certeza estaremos no Brasil inteiro e outros países.

In its second edition, the event needed to change its format due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it did not fail to take forward the formation of a more pluralistic ideology of science, opening up horizons in online platforms.

The course has the collaboration of highly active scientists from UFABC and partner institutions. The topics covered are from different areas, including Biology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Education and History of Science and Philosophy.

“The course as a whole was wonderful, it opened the doors for me to a universe of content that I didn't even know existed. Meeting amazing women and different areas of science brought me a new vision about the world. The classes are rich in content and experiments, all explained in a simple way that awakens our curiosity and even interest in following a scientific career, nowadays I even consider going into some area of ​​science because of Science Girl - Girl Science ”.

Participant of Science Girl – Girl Science (MCCM) 2019.